About Our Team

We are the company with the longstanding service in Omaha. Considering that we currently employ more than 50 people, our services are divided into different sectors. The management of the company and our CEO Matt Rogers organized the structure of the entire company. They thought which is the best way to provide maximum service to our clients. This is one of the reasons why they divided the company into multiple sectors. On the top of every sector, we have manages who are in charge dealing with different types of situations and resolving issues on the field.



Rental sector

This sector has the most work and requires the maximum attention. Around 20 people work here and this is at the same time the largest sector in our company. People are organized as units, and they work every day on the field, delivering and disposing of the dumpsters. Employees are organized to work in shifts, considering the provide 24/7 service, seven days in a week, so they need to be rested enough because we take care of our workers.


Customer service department

Our client can get useful information and recommendations here. This department employs five people and they work to receive orders and give information. Also, our clients have the ability to request a free quote for our services, or for example an advice about the dumpster size they need. Customers also can leave us a message on our website through live chat, and they will receive a prompt response.


Once we receive orders for a day, logistics is the one that makes our schedule and organizes the delivery. This is an important part of our company because it helps us create an organized and in some way flexible schedule, since our employees work in shifts. They need to be rested enough to provide secure and appropriate service.

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